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Geo-Routing in Urban Car-2-X Communication Networks

The most important element to realize the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), is the cooperation between the environment and traffic participants, also between traffic participants themselves. Considering the increasing number of car manufacturers which are equipping vehicles with on-board computing, wireless communication devices and Global positioning system (GPS), one of the key factors to successfully establish the Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks (VANET), is the design and development of suitable routing protocols to fulfill the Quality-of-Service (QoS) requirements in VANET.

Data dissemination and routing in VANETs have been extensively addressed but because of the unique characteristics of VANETs, and the diversity in the promising applications of ITS, they offer newer research challenges. It is also necessary to consider the macroscopic level information e.g. road network, traffic flow patterns and buildings in order to consider the factors which are limiting the communications and to evaluate the routing protocols in a more realistic manner. The evaluation is carried out preliminary with the coupling of existing communication and traffic flow simulators.

Researcher: Mehdi Garrosi, M.Sc.

Student Research Projects


A Survey on routing protocols in vehicle to vehicle communication (Marcel Kalac)