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(Re)design of Public Transport Network to integrate Shared Modes of Transport

Autonomous vehicles are bringing changes upon current transportation solutions, and most of the impact is expected to be in the domain of shared transport. The problem that appears with this, is the dispersion of requests and smaller share of the demand for public transport. Of interest for this thesis are the effects of these changes to the public transport network. The research question will address the methodological way of designing a public transport network when shared transport is not considered a competitor but a partner. In other words, solve the transit network design problem when the first and the last mile transport are sometimes performed with shared autonomous vehicles (SAV).

Expected result is a set of public transport lines and an estimation of a fleet size for SAV that would be necessary to serve the demand in consideration. The question of adaptation the public transport network to the emerging transport paradigms is of great importance for future transport planning in urban areas since public transport is the backbone of all modern cities.